The Liberty Incident

Chronology of Marvin Nowicki's Duty Stations (1955 - 1979)

Jan 1955 - Fresh off the farm and out of high school in southern Illinois, joined the US Navy. Attended boot camp at Great Lakes, IL

Jun 1955 - Graduated from Class A Teleman School in San Diego, CA

Dec 1955 - Advanced to CTSN

July 1957 - Completed two years and half of duty in Japan. Advanced to CT3 and then CT2

July 1958 - Advanced to CT1

Dec 1961 - Completed three-year tour of duty at NSA

July 1962 - Finished 24 weeks of Russian language training at Anacostia Naval Station in DC.

Oct 1962 - Completed 12 weeks of advanced Russian R/T training

Feb 1965 - Completed three-year tour of duty at NAVCOMMSTA, Sidi Yahia, Morocco

Apr 1966 - Spent 30-day TAD to VQ-2 in Rota, Spain

July 1968 - Completed two plus years of duty at Rota, Spain. A lot of time TAD with VQ-2

Dec 1971 - Finished three-year tour of duty at NSA. Advanced to Chief Warrant Officer (CWO-2) and then Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) program

Aug 1975 - Completed four-year assignment at Rota, Spain. Advanced to Lieutenant (LDO)

June 1979 - Completed a four year tour of duty as the first Officer in Charge of NAVSECGRUDET Brunswick, ME. Retired from the US Navy to private business in southern Illinois

Jan 1990 - Joined academe at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, working and studying. Earned a Ph.D in political science in May 1998. Spent two years teaching public administration in the ex-Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, once as a Civic Education Project (Yale University) fellow in 1996/96 and once as a Fulbright scholar in 1998/99

Feb 2000 - Retired from SIUC. Presently working in a part-time teaching position at a local community college. Also undergoing training with the University of Phoenix to teach Online classes using the World Wide Web, a fairly new concept in higher education